Kammerdiener Technologies
Kammerdiener Technologies
  • DevSecOps Problem Solved

    Expertly managed servers to ensure uptime and security of applications.

  • IT Solved

    Whether it is end user devices or VoIP needs we are here to help ensure you have enterprise level support.

Multiple Offered Services


We help to provide 24/7 monitoring of systems to ensure constant uptime. This allows you to ensure that your systems are always available.


We help to ensure that there is right-sized infrastructure. This allows us to ensure you are effectively spending on cloud resources.

Personal Approach

We don't hide behind a help desk. We are available to hop on calls, do a shared Slack Channel, or however else best helps to ensure communication.


In a world or changing technology security is always a high priority. We help to ensure that systems are secure and regularly monitor for any intrusions.

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